Art competition

Infoblatt: Kunsthandwerklicher Wettbewerb „Kleine Krippen“ 2015 | ©Nikolausdorf
Infoblatt: Kunsthandwerklicher Wettbewerb „Kleine Krippen“ 2015 | ©Nikolausdorf

Every year, an award-winning art competition on the topic "crib" advertised, which is addressed to all children and young people in Cologne and surrounding areas.

The organizer Rico von der Gathen would thus specifically stimulate and encourage creativity.

For the award-winning photo contest with the theme "crib" until 31 October can for stating the advantages, surname and age, small and young photographer (age up to 18 years), a homemade photo (for poster printing A4 suitable) of cribs or nativity figures digitally send!

Even groups that pose a crib can submit a photo of it, indicating the age group, incl. Group, class or name Kita.

After evaluation of the jury the 3 best photos for Christmas Market Start are publicly announced.

The 3 winners will each receive 50, - €.

Visitors to the Nicholas Village can then deliver on our website until December 23 to vote for YOUR favorite photo.

After evaluation of Online Voting, the winner receives an additional bonus of 100, - €..   



Preisträger-Kunstwettbewerbe-Krippen | ©Nikolausdorf-Foto.Seitz-Atlama
Preisträger-Kunstwettbewerbe-Krippen | ©Nikolausdorf-Foto.Seitz-Atlama


The imaginative "large crib" has been designed in 2014 by sixth graders with their art teacher Ulla Tutt and a solid, watchable part of the Village Chapel.

Likewise, the winners are 2015 issued 3 "small cribs" there:


Kita St. Mariä Himmelfahrt

Winner of the Online Voting: Förderschule Kolkrabenschule,

Potters AG of EvT Gymnasiums