Ganztägig am Samstag puppen.NIKOLAUS mit Profis | ©Nikolausdorf
Ganztägig am Samstag puppen.NIKOLAUS mit Profis | ©Nikolausdorf

Saturday is dedicated to the day of the doll art Nicholas House.

The puppet maker Ute Krafft has in a loving hand puppet NIKO for the Christmas market Village Nicholas done and created.

In the corner of Nicholas art.NIKOLAUS-house, at the Nicholas desk and cabinet Ute Krafft presented every Saturday with their works.

Parallel to interested tinkering after instructions of the puppet maker Ute Krafft in the puppet workshop of different materials create unique, imaginative dolls free itself:

times with fabric, sometimes with wool, sometimes from air cushion…


Ganztägig am Samstag puppen.NIKOLAUS | ©Nikolausdorf.Foto.Seitz-Atlama

In the workshop Nicholas Post cards and letters are written and designed for hard also on puppen.NIKOLAUS day desired.

Here it is possible for very young visitors to make free figures with the support of Nicholas House Teams: times from cardboard tubes, sometimes made of natural materials, sometimes with balloons, some with paper or times of Bierfilz...

The imagination knows no limits.

All works created in Nicholas House can of course be put pride back home.