Kölner Maler bei kölsch.NIKOLAUS im Nikolaushaus | ©Nikolausdorf
Kölner Maler bei kölsch.NIKOLAUS im Nikolaushaus | ©Nikolausdorf

Friday afternoon stands in an open day program at the Cologne Art art.NIKOLAUS the center.


Cologne painter and photo artists present a small part of their Cologne art and support the Nicholas Home Team at the free "Kölsch" hands-on activities.


Visitors to the Nicholas House will be able to make with her children a nice souvenir to this Christmas market itself.


The Cologne artist Ulla Feith shows her expressive dome images with their oblique figures, humorous family Wunderlich.


In parallel, the Cologne artist Visitor stakeholders will assist in the design of their own small image of the cathedral.

Kölner Fotokünstler bei kölsch.NIKOLAUS im Nikolaushaus ©Nikolausdorf.kölsch.NIKOLAUS-ChristianeRath
Kölner Fotokünstler bei kölsch.NIKOLAUS im Nikolaushaus ©Nikolausdorf.kölsch.NIKOLAUS-ChristianeRath

The Cologne art photographer Christiane Rath presents itself when kölsch.NIKOLAUS with her photographs and installations.

Exceptional works by the artist from your Photo Studio: Cologne are, as a postcard for only 1 - € to acquire.

Recent works in cyanotype dip the Cologne designs from Christiane Rath in unusual light that fascinates.

Parallel small, Köln-related art as candlestick with Dom, fantastic staff sculptures à la Cologne or kölsche Domkarten can be created at the cozy, small Nicholas tables with the support of Nicholas House Team together with friends or in a circle around the family.

Of course, as every day of the open program can be written and designed Fridays at kölsch.NIKOLAUS request letters in Nicholas Post Workshop.

A 10% share of all works sold by art.NIKOLAUS artists goes to the charity partner of the Christmas market Nicholas Village.