Christmas Market Nicholas Village Cologne – Welcome

Video: Das Nikolausdorf lädt Sie herzlich ein. | ©Nikolausdorf
Video: Das Nikolausdorf lädt Sie herzlich ein. | ©Nikolausdorf

Every year during the Advent season, the Cologne rub their eyes in astonishment. Within a short time her Rudolfplatz transformed in the shadow of his distinctive, centuries-old Hahnentorburg completely in a seemingly historically grown half-timbered houses.

The Nicholas Village would be together with patron Hannelore Bartscherer, the chairman of the Catholic Committee of the City of Cologne, to seeing.

The opening times:
Like all great Cologne Christmas markets, the Nicholas Village opens its doors after Totensonntag:
From 23rd Nov to 23rd of Dec 2020.

We look forward to your visit.



Organizer Rico von der Gathens motto: "Here everyone does what he does best."

So is the complete Nicholas Village team with expertise and a lot of heart in the matter.

There has arisen a very special Christmas market, which sets new standards architectural, culinary and with its offer and its numerous program ideas.

New ideas, such as, inter alia, to promote cultural and artistic activities and free offer for the whole family every day in the Nicholas House on the Rudolfplatz Cologne, have met with very positive response. Grateful tenor of visitors: The offer in the Nicholas House was truly unique for a Christmas market.

Structurally the Nicholas Village is unique - no huts made of series production.

Instead, in his loving design variety with massive houses, with charming, typical village elements, it is a place that invites enveloped in warm light the festive expedition in stylish surroundings.

Weihnachtsmarkt Nikolausdorf in Köln auf dem Rudolfplatz
Der Weihnachtsmarkt Nikolausdorf am Hahnentor auf dem Rudolfplatz in Köln | ©Nikolausdorf.Foto.IrisFriedrich-Lumina

One could mention many peculiarities of the Nicholas Village - e.g. also that there is used 100 percent green electricity.

An entire village reminds the heart of Cologne to the patron saint of children.

In the 4th century. AD Nicholas lived. He was a bishop, helped people whenever he could and is revered for it until today.

Not without reason is the St. Nicholas Day also a family day - and the Nicholas Village a family experience.

In the Nicholas Village is social commitment, certainly offered in the spirit of its namesake, a lot of space.


Festbühne am Hahnentor mit „Nikoläusin“ Petra Kirchner
Festbühne am Hahnentor mit „Nikoläusin“ Petra Kirchner |©Nikolausdorf Petra Kirchner

Many charity events are commonplace here.

The Aids Hilfe Cologne will inform on a day about the immune deficiency disease.

At the Christmas market Nicholas Village the name says it all.

Here's (almost) everything dedicated to Nicholas: his House, his stockings, his street, his festival stage.....

Of course, throughout Nicholas Village of delicious mulled wine is served by the winemaker from ceramic cups in the shape of a Christmas Stocking. Use can be upstairs in the guest house with every sip warming internalize even dat kölsche Jrundjesetz.

No wonder that the mulled wine was awarded from the Nicholas Village in a test for the best in Cologne.

Cheers, Kölle.