Cologne Genre

Brings 2014 auf der Festbühne vom Nikolausdorf | ©Nikolausdorf.Brings
Brings 2014 auf der Festbühne vom Nikolausdorf | ©Nikolausdorf.Brings

Musikfründe the kölsche Sproch will rejoice ....

Detlev Lauenstein of Drei Söck Entertainment and Wolfgang Löhr from Dabbelju Music Publishers know their way as Kölsch experts and ask for Rico von der Gathen, "kölsch most" the organizer of all Cologne Christmas markets, on the festival stage of Nicholas Village the program Part Cologne Genre together.

So are a lot of bands and performers from the Cologne music scene in the evening present on the festival stage of the historic Hahnentorburg and care for people of Cologne and foreign visitors for Joode mood.

In unmistakable style will i.a. Cologne cult band entertain "Drei Söck" to Adventszick on the festival stage musical and janz put op Kölsch in Christmas spirit.



lecker Glühwein vom Winzer | ©Nikolausdorf
vlecker Glühwein vom Winzer | ©Nikolausdorf

In the evenings Cologne-known carols are presented with Cologne charm. Here the audience is involved.

If you like to sing along, and swaying, it's no wonder.

Detlev Lauenstein and Wolfgang Löhr are happy to entertain their audience in Cologne on the Cologne Christmas Market at Rudolfplatz in their native language with their "Kölsch" music program. Here you can enjoy the evening over a few evocative hours comfortably guaranteed it a day-Glühwein.

It has become a tradition to listen to the Kölsch sounds during the festive season against the imposing backdrop of Hahnentorburg. The kölsche stage program that organize the two Kölsch music experts together, sounds promising.

Here are just some called Cologne sizes: the old masters Marie Luise Nikuta and Ludwig Sebus continue King Size Dick, Björn Heuser, Dat kölsche rat Pack, Thomas Cüpper or Ne Spetzboov, the Maiden, the Altreucher ......

Many of these Kölsch performers and musical groups that are cult in Cologne, will delight you again this year on the hard stage of the Christmas market Nicholas Village.

And delicious mulled wine from the winery ceramic boots from Rudis Dorfkrug or the inn at Hahnentorburg to anyone? What more do you want…