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Checkpoint im Nikolausdorf | ©Nikolausdorf.Foto.JochenSaurenbach
Checkpoint im Nikolausdorf | ©Nikolausdorf.Foto.JochenSaurenbach

As a Californian doctors in 1981, the first cases of AIDS reported, they still did not know what exactly their patients actually died. First was the name of the disease - "Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome" (AIDS), to German: acquired immune deficiency syndrome - only a description of the symptoms.

The physicians had observed how the body's defense systems seemingly healthy people were destroyed.

So-called opportunistic infections or tumors had then easy game in the weakened bodies.

In March 1983 appointed two research teams simultaneously and independently to trigger the immune failure before: a virus. HIV, human immunodeficiency virus, the causative agent is called dispute since 1986th

It is a virus that can insert its genetic material into the infected body cells.

To date, AIDS is not curable, but probably in the course of the disease can be influenced. When AIDS erupted, medications can cause the person concerned for many years living with the disease.

Although the routes of infection are known, it always comes back to infections. Therefore, it is still extremely important to educate about AIDS and to help those affected in many ways.





The Aids Hilfe Cologne

Aidshilfe Köln informiert, berät und hilft | ©Nikolausdorf.Logo-AHK
Aidshilfe Köln informiert, berät und hilft | ©Nikolausdorf.Logo-AHK

In Cologne, the AIDS service organization is the most important point of contact for people living with HIV and AIDS.

Get information, here they are advised and supported. Also to help themselves and prevention are important building blocks in the work of the Cologne AIDS Help.

You want to support people living with HIV and AIDS in their personal life, answer medical and social rights issues and establishes social contacts, so as to improve the personal situation of each individual.

Moreover, it comes to educate as many people about the risks of HIV infection and the existing protection options in order to counteract the ongoing trend of increasing infections.

Self-help groups, medical information, school information, prevention projects, ambulatory assisted living, vocational integration and targeted advice are just a few of the many offerings of the Aids Hilfe Cologne.