Die Dorfkapelle im Herzen des Weihnachtsmarktes Nikolausdorf Köln
Die Dorfkapelle St. Nikolaus in liebevoller Handarbeit gestaltet
Kirchenfenster in der Dorfkapelle des Weihnachtsmarktes Nikolausdorf
Herzlich Willkommen in der Dorfkapelle St. Nikolaus
Entstehungsprozess der „Großen Krippe“ im EvT-Gymnasium 2014
Ulla Tutt - Lehrerin der Gewinnerklasse des Wettberwerbs „Große Krippe“ 2014
Die phantasievolle von Kindern gestaltete „Große Krippe“ in der Dorfkapelle
Die Dorfkapelle St. Nikolaus im Nikolausdorf ist eine Station des Kölner Krippenweges
Handpuppe Niko erzählt die Geschichte vom Nikolaus in der Dorfkapelle
Handpuppe Niko erzählt die Weihnachtsgeschichte in der Dorfkapelle

The Village Chapel

Die Dorfkapelle mitten im Nikolausdorf | ©Nikolausdorf.Foto.Seitz-Atlama
Die Dorfkapelle mitten im Nikolausdorf | ©Nikolausdorf.Foto.Seitz-Atlama

"Let the church in the village" .... "for since it belongs!"

Organizer Rico von der Gathen has naturally considered and planned for the Village Chapel in the heart of the Christmas market Nicholas Village on the Rudolfplatz in Cologne.

With its small steeple the Village Chapel of St. Nicholas is already visible from afar as something special. Well worth a visit guaranteed, because it is worth a visit in many ways ...

There are those designed by an artist in a loving hand to the finest detail facades. There are the beautiful, the original St. Nicholas Church modeled windows reflecting warm light with graceful ornaments and put every visitor immediately in a peaceful, pre-Christmas atmosphere.




Art competition

Infoblatt: Fotowettbewerb - Krippe | ©Nikolausdorf
Infoblatt: Fotowettbewerb - Krippe | ©Nikolausdorf

Every year, an award-winning art competition on the topic "crib" advertised, which is addressed to all children and young people in Cologne and surrounding areas.

The organizer Rico von der Gathen would thus specifically stimulate and encourage creativity.

For the award-winning photo contest with the theme "crib" until 31 October can for stating the advantages, surname and age, small and young photographer (age up to 18 years), a homemade photo (for poster printing A4 suitable) of cribs or nativity figures digitally send info@nikolausdorf-pr.com!

Even groups that pose a crib can submit a photo of it, indicating the age group, incl. Group, class or name Kita.

After evaluation of the jury the 3 best photos for Christmas Market Start are publicly announced.

The 3 winners will each receive 50, - €.

Visitors to the Nicholas Village can then deliver on our website until December 23 to vote for YOUR favorite photo.

After evaluation of Online Voting, the winner receives an additional bonus of 100, - €..   







Cologne Krippenweg

Der Kölner Krippenweg | ©Nikolausdorf.Kölner.Krippenweg
Der Kölner Krippenweg | ©Nikolausdorf.Kölner.Krippenweg

The "large crib", the "small cribs" and the winners of the photo contest: Cribs in the Village Chapel of St. Nicholas Christmas Market Nicholas Village are a station of Cologne Krippenweg which offers international crib art at the highest level in the whole of Cologne during the Christmas Market period. Within the cultural events "Christmas Cities Partnering Cologne", an exchange of Christmas traditions of the partner cities and the respective cultural areas takes place.

In Nicholas Village can admire works by children and young people who have set themselves creatively with the theme crib apart and who have distinguished themselves in winning an annual art competition as winners. The material created by sixth graders "large crib" in the Village Chapel of the Christmas market Nicholas Village on historical Hahnentor on Rudolfplatz, Cologne has its acclaim from the outset in the action "Cologne Krippenweg".

Also enrich 3 designed by children and adolescents "small cribs" and cribs photos of young photo artists the village chapel.

See for yourself and surprise yourself how much ingenuity is on offer ....




Niko tells

In der Dorfkapelle wird Ihnen viel geboten | ©Nikolausdorf.Foto.Sandra.Seitz-Atlama
In der Dorfkapelle wird Ihnen viel geboten | ©Nikolausdorf.Foto.Sandra.Seitz-Atlama

Who Niko met, know that he likes to tell stories ...

At the Christmas market Nicholas Village at the Hahnentor in Cologne our hand puppet chatting exclusively for you in the Village Chapel of St. Nicholas.

In a video installation presents Niko in his own way, the "true story of Santa Claus" and "Christmas Carol".

The imaginative child and adolescent self-designed and self-photographed cribs and loving every detail design of the village chapel complement Nikos stories with feel-good atmosphere.

The Cologne Krippenweg here has completely justified one of its stations.