Der Weihnachtsmarkt Nikolausdorf freut sich auf Ihren Besuch
Postkarten vom Weihnachtsmarkt Nikolausdorf
Lob von der Fachzeitung Komet
Kostenfreies Kreativangebot im Nikolaushaus
Dorfkapelle und Nikolaushaus im Herzen des Nikolausdorfes
Die 2014 von Kindern erstellte „große Krippe“ in der Dorfkapelle
2015 - Eröffnungskonzert der beliebten Kölschrock-Band „Kasalla“
2014 - Die Kölner Band Brings tritt erstmalig auf einem Weihnachtsmarkt auf
Zahlreiche Kinderaufführungen auf der Festbühne im Nikolausdorf
Das Kinderkarussell im Nikolausdorf

News from the Nicholas Village

Nikolausdorf - Zeit zum Wohlfühlen | ©Nikolausdorf.Foto.IrisFriedrich-Lumina
Nikolausdorf - Zeit zum Wohlfühlen | ©Nikolausdorf.Foto.IrisFriedrich-Lumina

In the heart of Cologne, next to the historic Hahnentorburg on Rudolfplatz, is the family-oriented Christmas Market Nicholas Village with his loving village design and its unique ideas this year from 26st Nov open until 23rd of Dec 2018.

Here one has the feeling that time has stopped...

You will be enchanted by the warm light shrouded village half-timbered houses, which is a place of relaxation, of encountering, but also of the experience in the middle of the city.

We look forward to your visit.



News praise from experts

unverwechselbare Wohlfühlatmosphäre | ©Nikolausdorf.Foto.UllaBurghardt
unverwechselbare Wohlfühlatmosphäre | ©Nikolausdorf.Foto.UllaBurghardt

"Come ye again?" Asked one of our youngest visitors experts. If the time was not a praise ... And: Of course!

The number of visitors of the Nicholas Village with its distinctive "feel-good atmosphere" has risen by about 25 percent compared to its predecessor-Christmas market. Not only for Cologne, but also for many foreign visitors to the Christmas Market Nicholas Village has become the historical Hahnentor on the Rudolfplatz in Cologne attractive apparently.

Also great experts have given their positive statement.

"Der Komet" is the most important German trade journal for showmen and market traders in the edition of 30 January 2015, the newspaper said Nicholas Village devoted a big article with the following conclusion:




News from the Nicholas House

Kostenfreie Kreativangebote im Nikolaushaus | ©Nikolausdorf.Foto.UllaBurghardt
Kostenfreie Kreativangebote im Nikolaushaus | ©Nikolausdorf.Foto.UllaBurghardt

Also this year the unique Nicholas House to 19h all day free creative activities and cultural ideas for small and large visitors to the Christmas market Nikolausdorf am Rudolfplatz Cologne take place.

Monday - Friday morning use the offer daycare centers and primary schools. For this they have to until 30. September of the year: an appointment and to reserve their "exclusive space" for the educational-creative program.

Monday - Friday afternoon, on weekends and on 1 vacation day of the Christmas holidays all day then provides the open program at Nicholas House for all interested children, young people and families with cultural fundraising ideas for entertainment under the motto: "have fun and do good"






News from the Village Chapel

Die „Große Krippe“ sucht Gesellschaft | ©Nikolausdorf
Die „Große Krippe“ sucht Gesellschaft | ©Nikolausdorf


The Nicholas Village wrote a prize-winning photo contest with the theme "Nativity" from.

Can for stating the advantages, surname and age, small and young photographer (age up to 18 years) a homemade photo until 31 October (suitable for poster printing A4) of crèches or nativity figures digitally to Message!

Even groups that pose a crib in my performance can submit a photo of it, indicating the age group, incl. Group, class or name Kita.

After evaluation of the jury the 3 best photos for Christmas Market Start are publicly announced.

The 3 winners will each receive 50, - €.

Visitors to the Nicholas Village can then deliver via Online-voting until 23rd of December to vote for their favorite photo.


After evaluation of Online-Voting, the winner receives an additional bonus of 100, - €.


All works of the winners of art competitions Nicholas Village are in the Village Chapel of St. Nicholas, to be admired as a station of Cologne cribs path.


News from the Festival stage

Eröffnungsfeier auf der Festbühne des Weihnachtsmarktes Nikolausdorf | ©Nikolausdorf.Foto.Sandra.Seitz-Atlama
Eröffnungsfeier auf der Festbühne des Weihnachtsmarktes Nikolausdorf | ©Nikolausdorf.Foto.Sandra.Seitz-Atlama

On the Festival stage of the Christmas market Nicholas Village, next to the historic Hahnentorburg on the Rudolfplatz in Cologne, is set between the 26st Nov to 23rd of Dec 2018 an attractive program: Cologne by Cologne-based company.

The Cologne band Brings and Kasalla Been there and rocked the stage.

Again this year, many highlights are terminated.

So we look forward, as part of the official opening on the evening of 2nd Christmas market day: 22.11.2016 at the concert of popular singer Vicky Leandros, together with the Cologne SPITZbuben.


Soon you will find here the program in 2018 as download.



News for social commitment

Spendenübergabe-Benefizpartner-AKHD | ©Nikolausdorf
Spendenübergabe-Benefizpartner-AKHD | ©Nikolausdorf

Certainly in terms of its namesake numerous charity campaigns will take place in Nicholas Village. We of course according to the motto: "have fun and do good."

We thank the patron Hannelore Bartscherer, chairman of the Catholic Committee of the City of Cologne, for their support.

The donation handovers at the Ambulanten Kinder- und Jugendhospizdienst Köln, the charity Partner 2015 and at the Frauen helfen Frauen Köln e.V., the charity partner in 2014, were good days for all.

The Kölner Aidshilfe is an integral partner of the Christmas market Nicholas Village.