Weihnachtsmarkt Nikolausdorf – atmosphärisch mit attraktivem Angebot
Produktvielfalt und kulinarischer Genuss im Nikolausdorf
Handgefertigte Geschenke im Nikolausdorf entdecken
„Gut behütet“ im Nikolausdorf
Liebevoll präsentierte Holzarbeiten im Nikolausdorf
Duftende Adventszeit im Nikolausdorf
Holzpyramiden drehen sich zur Vorweihnachtszeit im Nikolausdorf
Mit Herz den Weihnachtsmarkt Nikolausdorf genießen
Hochwertige Schokoladenleckereien im Nikolausdorf
Einfach Wohlfühlen im Nikolausdorf

Predicate: quality and atmospheric

Die Dorfgassen im Nikolausdorf laden zum Schlendern ein | ©Nikolausdorf.Foto.IrisFriedrichLumina.jpg
Die Dorfgassen im Nikolausdorf laden zum Schlendern ein | ©Nikolausdorf.Foto.IrisFriedrichLumina.jpg

The Nicholas Village is in many ways a pleasure for the senses.

Here visitors have actually feel, to move through a historically grown village. Contributing many loving design features in: cast iron lanes lighting, welcoming and distributed all over the place benches, a village chapel (with crib) as a relaxation area, and much more.

So a village atmosphere is created that is unparalleled.

Should not be underestimated in this regard is also the quality of the various product offerings.




Predicate: quality and elaborately

Kunsthandwerk als Geschenk zur Adventszeit | ©Nikolausdorf.Foto.IrisFriedrich-Lumina
Kunsthandwerk als Geschenk zur Adventszeit | ©Nikolausdorf.Foto.IrisFriedrich-Lumina

What applies to the culinary art at the Christmas market Nicholas Village in Cologne is also the claim to the exhibitors who are represented here in a pleasant village atmosphere with diverse, handicraft articles:

First-class products first-class quality at prices that will not break the family budget.

The formation processes can be traced partly live at the booth.

Here will not be bored and the Christmas market during Advent stroll through the village streets makes it sure to find a suitable gift for any occasion.



Predicate: quality and tasty

Top-Produkte in Top-Qualität mit Top-Geschmack im Nikolausdorf | ©Nikolausdorf.Foto.IrisFriedrich-Lumina
Top-Produkte in Top-Qualität mit Top-Geschmack im Nikolausdorf | ©Nikolausdorf.Foto.IrisFriedrich-Lumina

French fries are not the same fries.

Mushrooms are not the same mushrooms.

Potato pancakes are not the same potato pancakes.

Surely everyone has this experience done it before: There are taste buds and palate horror.

The Christmas market Nicholas Village guaranteed the first variant.

Here culinary pampering part of the program: top products in top quality with top flavor.




Predicate: quality and quality-conscious

Qualitätsmanagement | ©Nikolausdorf.Foto.C.Rath
Qualitätsmanagement | ©NikolausdorfQualitätsmanagement | ©Nikolausdorf.Foto.C.Rath

The Christmas market Nicholas Village should be a pleasure, which remains in good memory.

In order to ensure that there are strict regulations with a view to the safety of the culinary arrangements.

Can guarantee food safety only trained employees who know the health rules, comply with and implement them accordingly.

To achieve this goal, organizers Rico von der Gathen operates in Nicholas Village with a specialized company together.