Weihnachtsmarkt Nikolausdorf am Hahnentor mit Domblick
Blick vom Hahnentor auf den Weihnachtsmarkt Nikolausdorf
Herzlich Willkommen im Nikolausdorf
Strahlender Weihnachtsmarkt Nikolausdorf
Viel Liebe zum Detail im Nikolausdorf
Die Dorfgassen im Nikolausdorf
Rentiere im Nikolausdorf
Der Nikolaus in seinem Dorf
Das Nikolaushaus im Herzen des Nikolausdorfes
Herzlich Willkommen im Nikolaushaus
Nikolauspostwerkstatt im Nikolaushaus
Der gemütliche Nikolaussessel im Nikolaushaus
Niko wohnt im Nikolaushaus
Das imposante Gasthaus im Nikolausdorf
lecker Glühwein vom Winzer im Nikolausdorf
im Nikolausdorf gilt dat kölsche Jrundjesetz
Die Dorfkapelle im Herzen vom Nikolausdorf
Kunsthandwerk im Nikolausdorf
Naschereien im Nikolausdorf am Hahnentor
Brings auf der Festbühne des Nikolausdorfes

The family-oriented Christmas market Nicholas Village in Cologne sets new standards

Video: Das Nikolausdorf 2015 lädt Sie herzlich ein. | ©Nikolausdorf
Video: Das Nikolausdorf 2015 lädt Sie herzlich ein. | ©Nikolausdorf

What a premiere! When in November 2014. Ten days for assembly and decoration first time the Nicholas Village invited to visit the Cologne rubbed their eyes in disbelief. Within a short time it had completely transformed Rudolfplatz in the shadow of his distinctive, centuries-old Hahnentorburg in a seemingly historically grown half-timbered houses.

This will also in 2015 be so.

The opening times:

Like all great Cologne Christmas markets, the Nicholas Village opens its doors after Totensonntag:

23:11. - 12.23.2015. Sun - Thurs.: 11-21 clock, Fri.: 11-22 clock, Sat.: 10-22 clock

We look forward to your visit.



The true story of Nicholas

Niko ist ein Riesenfan vom Heiligen Nikolaus | ©Nikolausdorf.art.NIKOLAUS-MarinaKolishchak
Niko ist ein Riesenfan vom Heiligen Nikolaus | ©Nikolausdorf.art.NIKOLAUS-MarinaKolishchak

At the Christmas market Nicholas Village our doll unique NIKO brings close to the true story of Saint Nicholas, of which he is a huge fan....

In the Village Chapel of Nicholas Village you can NIKO all day, sitting on the original, small church benches, admire cinematically: Niko tells the true story of St. Nicholas

Another film in the village chapel: Niko tells the Christmas story

Is staged by one of the best known and NIKO best puppeteers Germany: Carsten Haffke ("Sesame Street", "The program with the elephant" ...)

NIKO told:
The true story of St. Nicholas

with illustrations by Marina Kolishchak



Village in the city

Luftbildaufnahme vom Weihnachtsmarkt Nikolausdorf in Köln
Dorf in der Stadt | ©Nikolausdorf.Foto.IrisFriedrich-Lumina

The Nicholas Village is a place of encounter and experience. An optical invitation is even the view from the outside towards the village.

There is no dreary front and back views. Round the village houses lovingly decorated and illuminated.

On the submerged in warm light Nicholas Street, Village Street or Market Street a leisurely stroll through the Christmas market on Hahnentor is guaranteed. And take note: When it begins to dawn on even the St. Nicholas walks through the streets of his village.

The imposing gate buildings of the Nicholas Village invite already from afar, to want to discover the town center of the Christmas market.



In Nicholas House children, art and culture are the focus

Das Nikolaushaus
Herzlich Willkommen im Nikolaushaus | ©Nikolausdorf

"Who wants to see hard workers who have to go to Nicholas House" and here is not only watched.

In large unique Nicholas House are active learning, accompanied by experts and also lots of fun at the center.

And for the whole family. The Nicholas House is not a dispensing station for children: Here is painted together with their parents and friends, drawn, tinkered, licked, listening....

Cologne artists, artisans and authors support the Nicholas House team, present their work and provide an insight into their work.

All of these creative activities can be used free of charge.




By public transportation or car for the Nicholas Village:

SO EASY TO FIND THE NIcholas Village